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The return of Italy’s design houses

The Italian carrozzerie were once among the most revered names in motoring. Then they all but disappeared. But, as Andrew English discovers, they’re making a comeback


I Witnessed: The Cinquecento’s 50th birthday

Only in Italy will an entire city turn out to celebrate a car. Andrew English was in Turin when the Cinquecento's birthday festivities ran through the night


Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Volkswagen has been promising to make a new Microbus for nearly 30 years. Now it’s finally here, is it a worthy successor to the famed original? Andrew English reckons so


The man who could kill the Golf

Volkswagen’s reputation has taken a battering of late. The new CEO tells Andrew English how he’s going to turn it around and why the current Golf may be the last


I Witnessed: The doomed DaimlerChrysler marriage

The DaimlerChrysler merger was celebrated with a lavish party in Detroit, and Andrew English was there. He couldn't have known what a disaster the partnership would be...


How to revive an icon: Part two

Bringing back a much-loved brand can lead to great success, dismal failure and, at times, total ignominy. Andrew English looks at the best and perhaps the very worst


How to revive an icon: Part one

Reviving a much-loved brand is a great idea in theory. But the tough lessons of reality often paint a far less rosy picture, says Andrew English


I Witnessed: The sale of Rolls-Royce and Bentley

In 1998 BMW outmanoeuvred Volkswagen to secure the Rolls-Royce badge. Andrew English was there to watch a dramatic corporate conflict unfold

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