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Mexican save

Andrew Frankel thought a police escort might ruin his attempt to retrace the route of the original Carrera Panamericana. He had no idea how wrong he would be


Farewell to a flawed genius

Four world titles by the time he was 26, the world seemed to be at Sebastian Vettel’s feet. But that’s not how it worked out, recalls Karun Chandhok


How the Bulldog regained its bite

In 1980 the Aston Martin Bulldog looked like the first 200mph road car, but never got the chance to show it. Now it’s back to prove a point, writes Mel Nichols


Rodin reveals £1.8m track hypercar

Rival to the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Red Bull RD17, the FZero is said to be faster than an F1 car, as Andrew Frankel reports


Paul Stephens Autoart 993R

There’s no such thing as the perfect 911 restomod, says Henry Catchpole, as everyone wants something different. So how does the latest from Paul Stephens stack up?


Rethink racing

Why have only two women ever started a World Championship Grand Prix? Not a lack of ability argues Joana Fidalgo, but lack of opportunity


Leader: 8 August 2022

The Intercooler's new website has been live for just over a month, but with so much more to come we're just getting started, writes Dan Prosser


The Astons I created

Ian Callum is famed for designing the Aston Martin DB7, but that was just where his role in the brand’s rebuilding began, as he recalls here

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