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Are great engineers fast drivers?

F1 engineers don’t need to be great drivers – they have drivers for that. But what about chassis engineers? David Twohig has the answer


Restomod 205: Harder, faster, stronger…better?

The Peugeot 205 GTI joins the restomod scene. But is faster always better, and can a humble hatch ever be worth over £100,000? Stephen Dobie went to find out


‘The most realistic driving simulator ever’

A Bristol startup has created a new kind of simulator. Dan Prosser tests an F1 car at Spa to find out why Ferrari has already bought one


Jeep Avenger

The first all-electric Jeep is no rugged off-roader, but it's good to drive and augurs well for a new era of Jeep EVs, writes Andrew English


Skinny Cappuccino: Part two

Who’d consider spending a large amount of money restoring a beloved but not very valuable kei car worn thin through rust? Joana Fidalgo, that’s who


The original muscle car

The Pontiac GTO may have created North America’s most coveted class of car, but it didn’t live long enough to reap the rewards, says Hamir Thapar


Ferrari F50: An F1 car for the road?

The F50 is the most under-rated Ferrari hypercar, but it was the first that genuinely put F1 technology in the hands of the driver, says Peter Robinson


A giant among minnows

The electric Kia EV6 GT has 577bhp. But how does it fare against budget hatchbacks in the most grassroots form of motorsport there is? Dan Prosser went racing to find out

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