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Toyota GR Supra Manual

The headline news is the offer of a manual gearbox, but that might actually be a distraction. Read beyond the opening paragraph or two and you realise...


Toyota GR86

For the very last time I have dug out a notebook, stuffed my laptop into a bag, checked and rechecked that I have my passport with me, driven to an airport...


Toyota GR Yaris

Often when a car comes surfing into shore on a fast tide of hype and unrealistic expectation, its arrival can be something of an anti-climax. And few hatchbacks in recent years...


Litchfield Toyota GR Yaris

For the time being, Litchfield’s power upgrade package for the Toyota GR Yaris consists of little more than a plug-and-play ECU tuning box (£600). It lifts power from 257bhp...