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Almost Great: Toyota GT86

The GT86 is light, compact, fun and affordable, so why isn’t it one of the greats? David Twohig has the answer


Almost Great: Porsche 924

It sold well, it made money, yet Porsche’s first water-cooled car has always struggled for acceptance. David Twohig thinks he knows why


Almost Great: Smart ForTwo

Many of Ti’s readers (and a few of our writers) are too young to remember the Eighties in any detail. Shoulder-pads were wide, Crockett’s white Testarossa in Miami Vice...


Almost Great: Volkswagen Golf

Having already annoyed the Alfisti, this article is bound to make all the Golfisti (Golfers? Golffreunden?) out there grind their collective teeth....


Almost Great: Nissan 300ZX

You always remember your first time. For me, it was late at night, on one of those roads that rolls and whoops across Dartmoor. It was pitch-dark and raining – not that hard...


Almost Great: Renault Avantime

The September 2000 Paris Motor Show was an odd one for me. Not only had we all survived the Millennium Bug (Google it, kids…it’s filed under ‘anticlimax’), but I was also attending the show...