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The cold war at Mercedes

With an uncompetitive car, Hamilton and Russell had other things to worry about than their rivalry in 2022. That, says Edd Straw, may all be about the change


My friend, Bernie Ecclestone

Love him or hate him, he changed the face of Formula 1 forever. But what’s the man himself really like? His friend Karun Chandhok knows better than most


How to start a Formula 1 team

What does it take to create an F1 team from scratch? A billion dollars for a start. Formula 1 journalist Edd Straw explains why it’s so costly


F1’s American flirtation

Just why is the suggested entry of Andretti and GM creating such an enormous fuss? And is it actually a good thing? Karun Chandhok is your guide


‘The most realistic driving simulator ever’

A Bristol startup has created a new kind of simulator. Dan Prosser tests an F1 car at Spa to find out why Ferrari has already bought one


The golden generation

Verstappen, Russell, Leclerc, Norris, Sainz… Is the current crop of young Formula 1 talent the best ever? Karun Chandhok decides


The world’s scariest circuit

It only held five F1 Grands Prix, but it was enough to sear itself into the memories of some of the greatest drivers who ever lived. By Andrew Frankel


The real Max Verstappen

Under pressure at last, the two-time World Champion reverted back to his former self. Dan Prosser wonders what that means for next season

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