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The end of Group B

The 1986 World Rally Championship was marred by tragedy and, says Hamir Thapar, its consequences would change the sport forever


The Dakar: Part two

What does the Dakar look like up close, and just how trick are the cars taking part? Andrew Frankel tries not to get killed finding out


The Dakar: Part one

What is the magic of the Dakar Rally? And just how tough is it really? Andrew Frankel heads for the desert to find out for himself


Bowled over

Andrew Frankel didn’t think the Bowler Defender Challenge car would be difficult to master. But he reckoned without the environment in which he would be driving


Sébastien the great

Sébastien Loeb is probably the greatest rally driver of all time. But what is he like as a person? Andrew Frankel grabbed a unique opportunity to find out


King Kalle 

It looks like he’ll be the youngest WRC champion in history, and by a staggering six years. Just what is it about this unflappable, furiously fast Finn? By Henry Catchpole


Our Cars: Henry’s Escort

The keys on my laptop feel a little heavier this evening. My poor, soft southern digits have been tired out and are now shying slightly at the effort required to press small square...


The mighty Michèle Mouton

One thing we should all do this year is acknowledge the 40th anniversary of Michèle Mouton’s 1982 World Rally Championship campaign, for it is by some margin the finest performance...

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