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Advertisements get in the way, advertisers dictate what gets written. We didn’t want that. So we have no banner or display ads of any kind, just a small number of like-minded partners with whom we are proud to work. That way we alone choose the stories you read and make sure those stories are independent, fearless and what you alone want us to write.

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We believe we have assembled a team of automotive writers whose experience, ideas and writing ability make them unrivalled anywhere in the world. But even they can only report on the work of others, which is why we also have some of the world’s best designers, engineers and racing drivers working for us. But whatever their background, all work to the same brief: to write anything they like – it doesn’t even have to be about cars – so long as it provides compelling reading for you.

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Ti is active across a wide range of platforms: subscribers get unlimited access to our digital magazine, new episodes of our hugely popular podcast are released every week (listen via your favourite podcast platform or right here on our website) and we produce interview-based podcasts exclusively for subscribers. You can also follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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