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BMW M340i xDrive

The BMW M340i xDrive Touring offers space, pace and handling, and Andrew Frankel doesn't understand why you'd choose an SUV instead


BMW i4 M50

About seven years back at some motor show or other I asked some senior BMW fromage why they didn’t do a high performance ‘M’ version of the superb and today much missed i8 coupe...


BMW M440i xDrive Convertible

One thing I won’t mention here is the way the 4 Series Convertible looks. I think we’ve covered BMW design in enough detail recently, not least with last weekend’s...



Four-up drag racing? High-speed passenger rides around the Nordschleife? Otherwise I’m afraid I don’t really know what the BMW M5 CS is for. Here’s a saloon car...


BMW M3 Competition

Before we get stuck in, I want to make you a promise: I won’t let the appearance of the new BMW M3 colour my assessment of it. I don’t particularly like the way it looks...



In engineering terms, there is no doubt that BMW has rediscovered its mojo. For years BMW was the go-to brand for those wanting genuine driving pleasure in practical...


BMW M8 Competition

I’ve been waiting for this car for a while. The first BMW M8 was meant to appear last century, complete with a four-cam, 48-valve 5.6-litre V12. The car was made and tested...


BMW 330i

It’s remarkable how hard this 330i, currently the quickest new 3 Series on sale, tries to make you dislike it. I can imagine turning up at a dealer for a quick test drive and discovering...

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