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Sideways to victory!

3 months ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


1 February 2024

Know who I’m feeling sorry for this week? Belinda Carlisle. It is true that I am not exactly a leading authority on the American singer-songwriter – indeed until I looked at her Wikipedia entry just now I didn’t even know she came from that side of the pond.

But I do know she got one thing terribly wrong, because even I remember her proclaiming that ‘heaven is a place on earth’ in her 1987 hit. Now, I’m not quibbling with the assertion per se, but unless I am very much mistaken, I don’t recall the lyrics referring to the last time she was clean out of opposite lock, foot to the floor on gravel with a 400bhp V8 thundering in her ears.

But if you love cars, and I mean really love cars, finding yourself sideways on the loose in a live axle muscle car is one of the most life-affirming things you can do with a steering wheel in your hands. It’s right up there with redlining a Columbo-powered Ferrari V12 and gently drifting a short-wheelbase 911.

Contrary to appearances, the car in which I so comprehensively debunked Belinda’s theory that heaven is being visited in the small hours by your paramour, is not a Ford Mustang. Yes, it was one once, but is no more. It is instead a HERO-ERA, and number one of a series of perhaps 12 or 15, depending on how many people the aforementioned company can persuade to part with £350,000 for the privilege.

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