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Along came a Spyder: Porsche 718 Spyder RS v Boxster GTS 4.0

3 months ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


25 January 2024

What you’re looking at is the most expensive Porsche Boxster on sale and I’m guessing there’s nothing too surprising in that. Apart from this: you’re looking at the wrong car. The most expensive Boxster you can buy is that nice, green Boxster GTS 4.0, because the white car isn’t actually a Boxster at all. I’ve read and re-read the press release and nowhere is this car referred to as a Boxster. Semantics? Maybe, but then why does the mechanically identical GT4 RS still get to call itself a Cayman?

Porsche actually dropped the Boxster name from the non-RS Spyder too, having retained it for the previous generation Spyder. I woke up this morning still wondering why. But now I’ve spent a day in the mountains with both cars, I think I know the answer. Which, because I don’t get to dispense even the most minor of minor cliffhangers nearly often enough, I’ll return to shortly.

For now, however, the question in need of an answer is whether the Spyder RS can possibly be worth the additional £50,199 Porsche asks over the price of the Boxster GTS. There are a lot of very nice brand new cars that sum of money will buy, not to mention 93 per cent of a standard 718 Boxster. And there will be some wise guys out there – yes, they are all guys – saying that of course it is, because if you can flip it in five minutes flat for a bazillion quid, buy a villa overlooking Lake Como on the proceeds and spend the rest of your life having plump succulent grapes dangled over your gaping gob by an endless roster of adoring staff.

There will others no less wise who’ll point out that unless you’re a close relative or have compromising photographs, discovering the lost city of Atlantis is but the work of a minute compared to prising anything bearing an RS badge from your local official Porsche dealer’s allocation.

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