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Tell Tale: The birth of petrol

Petrol was invented in the East End of London. I don't mean the actual substance: a great brown-black crude oil gusher didn't suddenly erupt on the Bethnal Green Road...


Tell Tale: World leaders’ wheels

At 11pm on July 4, 1976, the sentries guarding the main terminal building at Uganda's Entebbe airport saw a long black Mercedes saloon approaching fast, followed by...


Tell Tale: The real Elon Musk

I first spoke to Elon Musk in 2008, long before he became the second most controversial American. His public image is now an odd hybrid of Willy Wonka, Dr. Strangelove...


Tell Tale: The car industry’s great dynasties

It seems odd to run a modern multinational car company the same way as a long-established high-street butcher, or England before the Glorious Revolution of 1688...


Tell Tale: Riots, violence and car factories

Espionage, riots, corruption, beatings and murder. Not subjects you expect to encounter on Ti, but all part of the sometimes scarcely believable secret history of the car factory...