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Toyota GR86 review

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


26 May 2022

For the very last time I have dug out a notebook, stuffed my laptop into a bag, checked and rechecked that I have my passport with me, driven to an airport, battled with the crowds at security and boarded an aeroplane to attend the media launch of a purely petrol-powered Toyota sports car. That’s something I will never do again.

Not because I’ve had a strop and sworn to boycott these events from now on, but because Toyota won’t stage another after this one. It won’t have any reason to – no new ICE sports cars to launch. Think of the first time the 2000GT was presented to the press corps, all those Supras, the AE86 and the GT86 it inspired years later, all of them proudly offered to car journalists in some sunny clime at one time or another, legends burnished and memories made over and over again.

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