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The cars behind the camera

Ever wonder how those high-speed chases are filmed? By using some of the most highly adapted, cleverly conceived cars in existence, says Joana Fidalgo


‘More Woodstock than Wacky Races’

Scared to death, plastered in mud and dust, Joana Fidalgo’s been finding just how much fun she can have on two wheels. Plenty, as it turns out


Rethink racing

Why have only two women ever started a World Championship Grand Prix? Not a lack of ability argues Joana Fidalgo, but lack of opportunity


Miss Shilling’s orifice

A racer of cars and motorcycles, Tilly Shilling was also a brilliant engineer. Joana Fidalgo reveals her most important – and perhaps simplest – contribution to the war effort


Breakthrough: Fuel injection

Try telling most people these days you’re thinking about tuning your carbs and you might inadvertently get a referral to Weight Watchers or advice on the latest fad diet...


Labels are for tins, not people

It was a sunny, slightly breezy day when I asked my parents if we could sit at the front of the restaurant with an open view of the sea. I deliberately picked the chair...


Breakthrough: The spark plug

When it comes to traditional internal combustion engines, the recipe is surprisingly simple: a little spritz of fuel, a good gulp of air, some sort of ignition and you...


Testing, testing

Growing up as an introvert in a quiet town in Portugal, with a weird car fixation none of my friends really understood, I often retreated to car magazines...

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