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Lucid Air review

8 months ago

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Steve Sutcliffe | Journalist


2 November 2023

Extraordinary cars don’t happen along all that often in this business, but the Lucid Air is one of them. In many ways it could be the best EV in the world right now, and it’s certainly one of the most significant.

So even though there’s a great big elephant in the room concerning its funding and future provenance – one that may or may not bother you depending on your take on such things – let’s ignore the geopolitics behind it for a moment and instead let’s focus on Lucid, the brand, and Air, the car itself. We’ll come to the moralities concerning its funding and future production in a bit.

Lucid is a California-based car company that initially made parts for electric vehicles, specifically their e-motors, including those that compete in Formula-E. It’s gone from mere parts maker to fully fledged car company in a whisker less than 10 years, and at its core is the same team that helped Elon Musk get Tesla off the ground at the very beginning.

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