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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


9 November 2023

Not for the first time, I am about to fail as a journalist in a fairly fundamental way. My job is to provide answers. What is the latest news? Is this car any good? Why you should care about this or that development. And so on.

Today however I have no answers, only one question: years from now, will any of today’s electric cars or, indeed, their successors be considered collectable, classics even? Truth is, I don’t know. But I have my suspicions.

I write this with a touch of apprehension because I know the EV debate can become heated; I am aware too that it’s been said we’re anti-EV, which is not the case. We are anti-bad car, and if a car is heavy, expensive and won’t travel very far before it needs to be parked for a significant period of time, few would claim those were desirable traits. On the other hand, EVs are quiet, deliver effortless performance, are to some still disputed extent less environmentally damaging than ICE cars, and are often far more interestingly and creatively designed inside and out than their fossil-fuel burning brethren.

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