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Mexican rave

3 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


19 November 2021

I think kidnap was unlikely, but I can’t really be sure. There’s a lot of me to fit in the boot of a car, so any potential ne’er-do-wells might have just looked at my 6ft 4in frame and imagined a cat resisting transport to the vet, before deciding to leave well alone. Of course at gunpoint or even threatened with a big enough penknife I might have decided to go quietly.

Whatever the threat was in Oaxaca City, Mexico, in 2010 I clearly didn’t think much about it at the time. I recently dug out the photos I took while out wandering the streets before dawn having found myself wide awake with jet lag. Pretty buildings, mostly, so I think I must have stuck predominantly to the posh parts. Sensible me.

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