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Sound or silence?

3 years ago

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Joana Fidalgo | Engineer


2 August 2021

Many thousands of moons ago, when our more primitive ancestors still lived in caves, whether you lived or died often depended on your capacity for analysing the environment around you. Our brains evolved to take cues from our experiences and instantly analyse the data, which could then equally swiftly be translated into a judgment or call for action.

This is what drove us to seek refuge when we heard the rumble of thunder, or decide between fight or flight when we spotted a pair of glistening eyes watching us in the night.

Eventually we walked out of the caves into white, light open plan offices and ditched foraging for much more mundane tasks, but our perception of the world and our animal instincts still drive much of our behaviour. But what has this to do with cars, or did you just accidentally tap the National Geographic app icon instead of The Intercooler’s? Don’t give up on me just yet. For the truth is vehicle manufacturers play mind games with all of us, and do so all the time.

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