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You are what you drive

3 weeks ago

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Julian Thomson | Designer


3 May 2024

It’s not everyday someone you’ve never met before tosses you the keys to a Porsche 993 Carrera RS on an abandoned Dubai airstrip and tells you to ‘have a go’. That was my first meeting with the charismatic Phil McGovern; after that I didn’t hear from him for several months until he called me one rainy morning in London.

He’d a brilliant idea, he said; he was going to convert an old house in the middle of nowhere to become a car meeting mecca. Everyone could join, any car, any person, it would strip away all traditional car snobbery, it would be huge – and, oh by the way, could I do some artwork for it?

I finished the call and thought, ‘What a daft idea – that will never work…’

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