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The worst car I ever drove…

2 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


12 April 2022

Along with the usual admiration I have for the talent of my mentor Mel Nichols, I read his tale of the AC 3000ME with some amusement. Not just because he had nominated it as the very worst of what must be some thousands of cars he’d driven, but because once I’d very nearly bought one. Indeed it was only the fact that the owner sensibly refused to let me take it for a test drive that kept my money out of his wallet.

But it did make me wonder what I might nominate as the most terrible thing I’d driven in my career to date. And I decided it couldn’t be a cheap shot, first because it would be too obvious, second that it wouldn’t be very fair. Because if I told you a 1990 Mahindra Indian Chief wasn’t a terribly good car, how surprised would you really be? Likewise all the Yugos, FSOs, Ladas and pre-VW Skodas you could still buy new when I first got into this game.

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