Supercar Driver

Supercar club

Founded in 2009, Supercar Driver has grown into one of the UK’s best established membership clubs for owners of high-performance road cars. Now boasting more than 1200 members, the club organises upwards of 150 driving events each year in the UK and across Europe.

Supercar Driver’s halo event is the annual Secret Meet at Donington Park, which attracts hundreds of supercar and hypercar owners, competition cars from Formula 1, Le Mans and beyond, plus countless famous faces from the automotive world.

Our partnership with Supercar Driver enables us to produce the finest written stories and videos, featuring the most exciting cars ever to take to the road.

Founder Adam Thorby says: ‘Supercar Driver opens the door to a lifestyle and community that will take your ownership experience to the next level.

‘Since 2009, we have been pioneering and evolving this concept whilst staying true to our roots and providing a reason to drive, explore and enjoy your supercar.’