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Polestar reveals 4 electric SUV

1 year ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


18 April 2023

In the world today there appears to be the automotive equivalent of an entire maternity ward of car manufacturers giving birth to crossover SUVs – so thick and fast are they coming at present we have neither the time nor the inclination to bring you news of them all because, frankly, a lot of them are very, very boring.

But, we think, perhaps not this one. It’s the Polestar 4 and it was unveiled this very morning.

Polestar 4
Polestar 4

Why should it be different? Well Polestar is, for a start. After the attractive, elegant dead end that was the Polestar 1, this new brand has shown great confidence and sureness of foot as it navigated its way from start up – albeit owned by Geely, an enormous Chinese OEM – to mainstream player. When it came out the Polestar 2 was as good as any rival and the large Polestar 3 SUV looks like it will bring trouble for cars from the BMW iX to the Tesla Model Y.

Polestar 4

Think of the Polestar 4, then, as fitting between them. Think of it also as Polestar’s high performance model as, with a 0-62mph time of 3.8sec, it will be by a distance the quickest car it makes when UK sales begin next year. Talk to Polestar staff and they will tell you they want you to think of it as a credible rival to the all-electric Porsche Macan that should be revealed later this year. Fighting talk.

Polestar 4 Interior

The single most notable aspect of this car? Its rear windscreen or, more accurately, the lack thereof. The idea is that using a camera system instead of the screen allows the standard full length glass sunroof to extend to behind the heads of those sitting in the back. Polestar says the innovation means that the car can have a coupé-like profile without decimating rear headroom which, if it works, will be a smart move.

Polestar 4 Seats

The car will be available in both single motor (rear-drive) and dual motor (all-wheel drive form), the former offering 272bhp and 372 miles of range, the latter generating 536bhp and with a target WLTP range of 350 miles. DC charging at up to 200kW will be available on both. Polestar estimates prices will start at around £60,000 with production beginning in Hangzhao Bay, China, this November.