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Morgan Super 3

2 years ago

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Andrew English | Journalist


16 June 2022

I’ve got both heels hooked onto the extruded aluminium floor spar on the new Morgan Super 3 and am about to lower myself into the cockpit when it occurs that it was 114 years ago that Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan started exactly here, with his eponymous three-wheeled Runabout.

That car was a monoposto, this car is a monocoque, which says something about the fundamental changes in motor car design, even that of three wheelers, over the course of more than a century. Even back then, however, the market wanted two seats, which two years later HFS supplied, piquing sufficient interest from the Harrods store in London’s Knightsbridge that it took out an agency for the £65 trike; it became the first and only car ever to be shown in the famous store’s window display.

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