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Colin Goodwin


Colin proudly notes he was born in the same year as the Ferrari 250 GTO, Lotus Elan, AC Cobra and MGB. Also coinciding with his arrival was the launch of Small Car and Mini Owner, later to become Car magazine and where, 25 years later, Goodwin started his career in motoring journalism.

After nine years he fancied a new challenge and the chance to work with friends Steve Sutcliffe and Andrew Frankel, plus his hero Peter Robinson, so joined Autocar and went weekly. For the last 20 years he has been freelance, writing for magazines including Autocar, Evo, Motor Sport and many national newspapers.  A lifelong muscle car fan, he’s now entered what he describes as his ‘Chapman period’ and is planning a restomod Elan S3.

Dream car:

Flat-out drive off-autoroute in a 993 RS from Paul Ricard to Guildford for a hot date. Both went well

Perfect road trip:

Lotus Elan Sprint DHC, Mrs Goodwin, a credit card, the Alps

Fondest driving memory:

Ferrari 250 GT SWB. The best car I’ve ever driven

"My love is for the internal combustion engine, regardless of its application. In cars you find it in its most wonderful form. For example, the V12 in a Diablo SV or the Chevrolet V8. In bikes it is the Ducati V-twin and in the air the big American radial or Merlin V12. I have absolutely no interest in electric vehicles. They are not related to my hobby or passion"

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