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Ask Goodwin: The last ever…

9 months ago

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Colin Goodwin | Journalist


31 August 2023

Dear Colin, The other night I listened to a very interesting debate about EVs on Radio 4 that included James May on the panel. I thought it was interesting and well balanced. If you heard it too, what were your thoughts as an EV cynic? Tom Michaels

Dear Tom,

Yes, I did. Very good. James spoke well but I was also impressed by Andy Palmer (pictured above) who made some very well informed points. I’d have liked to have brought up one point and it’s an area that no one seems to talk about: used cars.

If I buy a new VW Polo now, keep it for 10 years and then sell it to you, apart from scuffs and wear and tear, it will probably perform as well for you as it did for me. It’ll drive pretty well, be reliable and economical. Now, if we do the same with an EV, you will be getting a car that will not perform as it did when new. Likely, it will have a significantly shorter range.

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