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Colin Goodwin | Journalist


14 March 2023

Dear Colin, What can you tell us about Ti’s new contributor Steve Sutcliffe as a person and car enthusiast? Avid car magazine readers know quite a lot about guys like yourself, Frankel, Prosser, Harris, Meaden or Metcalfe, about their personal taste and own cars etc, but Sutcliffe is somewhat of an enigma. He’s a hell of a driver of course and you said in Harris’s podcast that he doesn’t tell a screwdriver from a spanner. But what else? What’s his guilty pleasure car, for instance? Karl

Dear Karl,

When he was young Sutcliffe was the Keith Moon of motoring journalism but today he lives a much quieter life on the south coast with the lovely Mrs Sutcliffe. Steve is indeed a hell of a driver, in my opinion good enough to be a professional at a high level. He’s also annoyingly good at golf.

Like quite a few motoring journalists Steve hasn’t owned a lot of cars. Not ideal in my opinion, but I let him off because his dad used to own a ’71 455HO Pontiac Trans Am and of course this would be hard to live up to.

Sutters and I have got into some wonderful scrapes together over the years. One day I’ll tell you about our attempt to recreate the famous film ‘Rendezvous’.

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