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Ask Goodwin: Le Mans and great racing quotes

1 year ago

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Colin Goodwin | Journalist


24 April 2023

Dear Colin, I’ve never been to Le Mans before, but knowing this year was the 100th anniversary race I bought tickets good and early. Just as well really, because they’re sold out now. So what are your tips for spectating at Le Mans? Where should I go, when should I go there, and is it worth staying up all night? Mike Jenkins

Dear Mike,

Wow, you’re in for a treat. Like all good events, you don’t need any fancy passes (like wot we journalists blag) to have a wonderful weekend. If you don’t stay up all night, or most of it, there’s no point in going because that’s when the magic happens. Especially at dawn. My favourite place is Mulsanne Corner where you can watch the cars blast off towards Indianapolis. I’m not sure how near you can get these days, but the Porsche Curves are amazing. I once watched Martin Brundle go through in a Toyota and could not believe a car could go that fast through a corner.

Even when I used to go in the 1990s it was a bit of a battle with the gendarmes on where you can watch from and I was often moved along. Have a wonderful time, I’m very jealous.

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