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2 years ago

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Colin Goodwin | Journalist


29 November 2022

Dear Colin, A group of friends have the most wonderful time each year going abroad in their classic cars to France, the Alps and to Spain. I’m busting to join them but I don’t own a classic. They’re richer than me and have cars like Dinos and Lancia Aurelias. What can I do? I feel left out. Johnnie Day

Dear Johnnie,

If they’re sniffy about ‘ordinary’ or affordable classic cars then they’re not the sort of friends that you should have. To that end I recommend buying something like an MGB, Triumph GT6 or TR6. The values of these cars are dropping, largely because young enthusiasts like our man Dan have no nostalgic link to cars of this era. They will spend their money on cars from the late 1990s that they grew up lusting after. You’ll have just as much fun bombing around with your pals in your MG or Triumph as they will have in their more valuable and exotic cars.

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