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Bum steer

3 years ago

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David Twohig | Engineer


3 September 2021

The windscreen wipers whup-whopped enthusiastically on their highest setting, doing their best to scoop the sheeting rain off the wraparound screen. I squinted through the gloom of the rainstorm, trying to stay focussed on the twin red ‘Xs’ of the prototype Alpine A110’s rear lights up front, as it dived into that scary off-camber right-hander with the compression dip.

Somewhere ahead of it, I knew that the rear lights of a 718 Cayman were disappearing off up the track also. I could hear gravel pinging off my car’s carbon fibre floor as the tyres tried to find grip on the sopping-wet, recently gritted track. My heart was thumping a bit too fast. The two test drivers at the wheel of the Porsche and the Alpine were both much more talented than I.

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