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Range Rover Sport SV review

2 months ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


1 March 2024

A little Q&A before we set about the new Range Rover Sport SV…

For the £185,000 this range-topping model costs, shouldn’t you just buy a mid-spec Range Rover and an Ariel Atom or Caterham instead? Garage space permitting, that seems like a sensible decision.

Will GoldTrack soon be noise testing Land Rovers in paddocks from Castle Combe to Croft? Highly unlikely. Will people mock and decry the carbon fibre wheels? The forums are already alight. Am I fascinated and, after driving it, slightly in awe of the Range Rover Sport SV? Yes, I most certainly am.

Good to get these sorts of things out of the way early on, I feel. Because there are plenty of valid objections to and problems with the very notion of the Range Rover Sport SV. But if you can get past all those conceptual conundrums and look at – perhaps even feel – what has been achieved by the small band of engineers at Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) I think it’s pretty interesting and impressive.

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