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Blown away

2 years ago

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Mel Nichols | Journalist


13 May 2022

The whistling began at 3000rpm, the jet-like whine at three-and-a-half, and the rocket-like surge at four. Then the car speared forward as if another engine altogether had cut in, making the scenery approach at a rate that seemed to keep multiplying by its own square.

Not that this diminutive two-door catapult – BMW’s 2002 Turbo – felt so furious at first. It idled sedately and nothing indicated this was no ordinary 2002 Tii, save the strange little dial in the centre of the dash that flickered every time you blipped the throttle. As you moved off, everything remained as tame as a kitten. Up to 3000rpm in each gear, the pull was smooth and meagre. Here, you were in the presence of Dr Henry Jekyll. But Edward Hyde lurked nearby.

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