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Creating the Jaguar C-X75: Part one

11 months ago

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Ian Callum | Designer


21 July 2023

The C-X75 was one of the most significant cars we created during my time at Jaguar. This wasn’t just because it made an undiluted statement but because, had it gone into production, it would have made a huge difference to the marque. This is why…

Over the years Jaguar has had many custodians, all with opinions, few, if any, afraid to voice them. I’ve mentioned in a previous Ti article that this disparate set of views was probably one of Jaguar’s most significant failings. What the brand needed, and indeed what it had had when it was making its name, was a singular view of what it stood for. That focus, that clear vision would result in cars that made strong, proud and unambiguous statements about the brand’s values.

They would shout ‘this is a Jaguar’ and no one would be in any doubt what that meant. The E-Type was precisely such a car, as was the original XJ6. The Jaguar C-X75 was one too. Had it been built it would have made huge strides towards solidifying and clarifying the perception of the brand. It would also have once more established Jaguar as a true performance car company that builds luxury cars. Not a luxury brand that may at times build some sports cars.

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