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Drivers versus cyclists

1 year ago

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Gavin Green | Journalist


9 June 2023

We live in fractious times. There are culture wars and military conflicts. Democracy versus autocracy, liberal values versus state control. Brexit rumbles on, Trump rambles on, both still deeply divisive.

On our roads, it’s bikes versus cars. Lobbyists from both sides throw brickbats; motorists rage, cyclists curse. This story aims to assuage the antagonists and seek common ground. Let’s hope we find some.

Like thousands of others, I belong to both tribes. I am in good company. Drivers who are also keen cyclists include Jenson Button and Mark Webber (I have discussed great bike rides with both). I once went mountain biking (although I prefer road bikes) with Colin McRae and his co-driver Nicky Grist, two days before the 1999 Tour de Corse, in Corsica.

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