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How the Bulldog regained its bite

2 months ago


Mel Nichols | Journalist


11 August 2022

Soon, its resuscitators expect, the 42-year-old Aston Martin Bulldog will finally belt down a straight long enough to let it clock more than 200mph.

That’s no big deal these days of course: more than 30 current cars sail past 200, including saloons. Four-up in a Bentley Flying Spur or BMW Alpina B7 anyone?

But if, as Aston Martin had intended, the Bulldog had reached its target speed when it was revealed in 1980, then…well, that would have been momentous.

Even so, the 191.1mph it did register, still accelerating, before it ran out of road at Leicestershire’s MIRA proving ground took it into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s fastest car. It belittled the era’s acknowledged speed kings, the Ferrari BB 512 and Lamborghini Countach. There seems little doubt that any standard Boxer ever clocked more than 180mph which seems also to be the most an LP400 Countach logged in an accredited test.

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