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Is the EV bubble about to burst?

4 weeks ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


23 May 2024

It was one of those headlines that just leapt off the page at you. It read: ‘The electric car crash will rival the dotcom bubble’. With all such things, what matters as much as what’s being said is who’s saying it and where, the answer to these questions being Dominic Lawson and The Sunday Times newspaper.

Now, say what you like about Lawson, who is a well-known right-leaning columnist, son of a former Chancellor Nigel Lawson and once editor of both The Spectator and Sunday Telegraph, but he’s no thickie. I had lunch with him about 30 years ago to try to persuade him that The Spectator needed a motoring correspondent from which he quite correctly concluded that, first, it did and, second, it should not be me.

But is he right about this? Are we heading for a complete collapse in the EV market leaving all those manufacturers who have staked their futures on battery-powered electric cars without so much as a fig-leaf to cover their tanking share prices?

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