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Our Cars: Land Rover Defender

2 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


4 May 2022

It’s strange how much you can enjoy certain cars even without even driving them. I consider myself someone who’s fairly insensitive to a car’s appearance, particularly when compared to the driving experience on offer – not least because we spend far more time inside than out where exterior styling is not even visible. But there are exceptions, and for the last three months the Defender has been one of them.

Every time I go outside and see it there in its ugly, chunky mud-spattered gorgeousness it makes me smile. And that has been a very real and important component of the enjoyment I’ve had during the few months I’ve been looking after it. But the time has now come for it to move on, not least because something else has turned up to replace it, of which more another time.

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