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Our Cars: Andrew’s Seven

3 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


4 June 2021

When you buy an old car, the moment does not arrive at once. It’s not where you want it to be nor quite how you want it to be. Usually, the moment comes later. In my case, about three weeks later.

The car is a 25-year-old Caterham Super Sprint I drove only briefly on busy roads around Brands Hatch before deciding to buy it. And I couldn’t have had my moment then anyway, because I needed the floor lowering and a spacer added to the steering wheel to make me fit. And its barely adequate oil pressure investigated too.

The moment didn’t even come when it turned up at home with the mods made and pressure restored by way of fitting a new sender for the gauge. It was the middle of a busy working week. I had no time. I had to wait for the weekend. Then the moment came.

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