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Shifting attitudes

2 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


20 April 2022

Recently, in those idle moments when I’ve been waiting for the microwave to ping or the traffic lights to change or some shoelaces to finish being tied, I’ve found myself thinking about the Cayman GT4 RS. Not much of a revelation, I’m sure. Had I confessed to spending my moments of physical tickover pondering the delights of a Daewoo Matiz and wondering whether I could convert one to look like the Italdesign Lucciola Concept on which it was based, you might have raised a quizzical eyebrow. Porsche’s latest masterpiece, not so much.

Last month I was lucky enough to spend nearly three days in the newest RS, driving from Estoril in Portugal across Spain, France and a little bit of Germany to Stuttgart. Just over 1700 miles on motorways, mountain roads and a melange of every other type of tarmac in between. The glorious sounds (for there are many) of that 4-litre flat-six purloined from the GT3 still seem to be resonating in my cochlea if I stop to think about it.

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