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The Mondeo marathon

1 year ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


18 January 2023

Thirty years. Can it really be 30 years? It seems it can. And yet the memories remain 4K etched in my mind, an entire generation before anyone had even heard of the term ‘high def’.

Ford was launching a new car. Not much new in that. Back then Ford was a colossus in the UK market, capable of outselling everything else through the rather basic approach of having more places from which to sell them. Almost everyone only knew one person who knew much about cars and was therefore in a position to advise what they should buy next, and it was the person who sold them their last. Their local Ford dealer. In time honoured Ti fashion, we’re going to call him – because it was always a bloke – Fred.

‘So you’ve had three Escorts now,’ said Fred. ‘I wonder if you’ve ever thought of a Sierra? It’s a much more luxurious car you know, yet very affordable at the moment. As it happens some poor fellow has just been made redundant and had to cancel his car which only turned up yesterday. It’s a 1.8 you know, quite a lot more poke than your old 1.4, and an LX, not an L. I really need the space and the car is sold in my books, so I can let you have it for 20 per cent off and I’ll throw in some free mats too. Shall we take a look?’

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