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Your racing baptism

3 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


24 June 2021

If you have never raced a car before, allow me to spare you a huge amount of expense, save you a vast amount of time and put you off for life. It goes something like this.

It starts with an idle thought that maybe you’d like to do a race one day. Maybe only one, just to find out what it’s like. You’ve driven around tracks before and always enjoyed it. You’ve never damaged your car and have quietly taken pride in the fact you seemed to be going quicker than others in similar machines. Once, one such driver even came up to you and asked what you’d done to your car to make it so fast. Externally you are nonchalant and come up with some humblebrag comment about being lucky enough to know the circuit quite well. Meanwhile your insides are exploding with pride. This alone proves what an excellent racing driver you’d be.

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