Treacle Media

Creative design agency

Treacle is a branding, design and digital agency, responsible for the design and build of The Intercooler website. Treacle has worked with luxury brands around the world for over 20 years, focussing at first on the automotive, interior architecture and luxury retail industries. Working with clients including Harrods, Bulgari and Candy & Candy, Treacle brought a new holistic approach to traditional and digital communications.

Today Treacle works with clients from high-end specialists to global giants, understanding high net worth customers and knowing how to reach and retain them. Yet we pride ourselves for being down to earth, accessible and able to understand objectives and formulate strategies for reaching them without resorting to needless processes and project-crippling costs.

Treacle is fast, flexible and fanatical about detail – in a market where perfection is a given, Treacle sets the standard.

Contact Number

01483 202718