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Leader: 5 September 2022

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


5 September 2022

We ask ourselves over and over again how we can make a subscription to The Intercooler even better value. After speaking about it between us endlessly, we’ve come up with no better idea than a guest-based podcast series exclusively for Ti subscribers – on Thursday this week, we will launch exactly that. 

Called ‘Last Blast’, this new series is unlike anything else out there in the car podcast world. Each episode features a single guest, each among the most globally admired in their field, be they a racing driver, engineer, car designer or company boss, all among the occupations of the stars of series one. 

There is a very clear format and these are more than mere interviews. The purpose of each Last Blast episode is to persuade our guest to name the car in which they would choose to have their ‘Last Blast’. They must also tell us where that drive would take place and with whom it would be. Each will also talk about their first car, their first crash and the first time they drove on a race track.

To help them on their way, each guest is allowed to nominate and discuss the six cars from which his or her final choice will be drawn. These can be machines they have owned, raced, driven or simply pinned on their bedroom walls as a kid. And if one or more of those choices are cars they designed or engineered themselves, that’s fine too. Our guests will also talk about their life and work along the way.

This new podcast series is purely additional to the weekly Ti podcast. We will release an excerpt of each Last Blast on all the usual podcast platforms, but the full episodes will be reserved for you lot, our subscribers. It will be hosted exclusively on The Intercooler app and website. 

It isn’t the format that we think will make Last Blast unmissable, but the quality of the guests. These are very prominent people in our corner of the world; people you want to hear from. We get underway on Thursday this week with Sir Chris Hoy, one of Britain’s greatest living sportsmen, a petrolhead to his boots and one of the most engaging interviewees you could ever hope for.

Last Blast is brought to you in partnership with specialist car insurance provider, Footman James. As you know we only partner with organisations that we feel truly understand what it means to be a car enthusiast, and Footman James absolutely falls into that category.

We hope you enjoy this new podcast series and if you think there’s a particular guest we absolutely must invite on, please let us know in the comments. As ever, thank you so much for subscribing to The Intercooler. We’re think you’re about to enjoy your subscription more than ever.