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Leader: Looking ahead to 2024

4 months ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


22 December 2023

I think it is now broadly accepted that, lovely idea as it may seem to some, time travel is not actually possible. But as we have discovered here at Ti, it can be simulated. All you have to do is start your own automotive website, app and podcast, host public events, make videos and post daily across all relevant social media platforms, and a year will be made to feel like a month. Possibly less.

It is tempting at times like this to do a review of said year so as to reflect on the stories we have brought you in that time. But actually? You are our subscribers, you give us your money and are as aware as us of our output over the last 12 months. So I’ll try to be brief. There are one or two things I’ll mention, because they directly affect our thinking and, therefore, how we’re going to be doing things over the next 12 months, but other than that, I want to look forward not back.

I guess the first thing to say is that, in a marketplace where ‘managed decline’ is fast becoming a watchword, The Intercooler continues to buck the trend. In all the ways that can be measured Ti continues to grow and for those of you who have joined our happy band during the course of 2023, we’d like to thank you not just for subscribing, but for putting your faith in us. We hope you feel it is being justified. And the same goes for the rest of you whose loyalty, we also fervently hope, is being appropriately rewarded.

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