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2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review

4 months ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


12 March 2024

It’s an old warhorse now, the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio. I first drove one in the summer of 2016 on the Great St Bernard Pass, where Napoleon had led his army across the Alps to retake northern Italy from the Austrians in 1800. There were problems, like an electronic torque vectoring differential that refused to lock up properly away from tighter corners, plus over-sharp steering that made the car feel nervous.

Months later, even before right-hand drive cars had arrived in the UK, I drove another on less storied roads in Scotland. That one had the optional manual gearbox that was never offered here – no bad thing; it was terrible – and those same issues remained. But both cars still showed real promise. Their engines were strong and characterful, they looked as good as a sporting saloon ever did, and there was a lovely suppleness in their suspension, not the fidgety, uptight feel of certain rivals.

Eight years ago, then, it was an uncertain start. But when UK cars arrived, or more to the point, when finished cars began filtering through, I fell for the Alfa. I loved that lissom ride, the striking looks, the performance, the feeling of lightness, the V6 soundtrack and plenty more besides. When it was facelifted in 2020 with an improved cabin and more measured steering, I knew this was the super-saloon for me.

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