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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


28 September 2022

The Sea to Sky Highway is one hell of a piece of road. Winding north and east out of Vancouver through the verdant countryside of British Columbia, the first stop is Whistler, scene of the 2010 Winter Olympics, by which time you’re already seeing signs not just advising you stay in your car, but pretty much mandating it.

Why? This is bear country and while most are small, black and tend to run away when confronted by humans, just a few are large, brown and more grizzly both in nature and taxomony. From there you spear ever northward, through vistas of mountain ranges plunging into vast, dark and icy lakes, around whose shores the road forever twists and turns.

If there is a problem, it is that if you stop to take a photograph you run the risk of letting all the trucks you’ve scrabbled past overtake you again.

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