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2022 Alpine A110

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


2 April 2022

This facelift, four and a bit years after the Alpine A110 was launched, is so minor I’m at risk of critiquing the Apple CarPlay integration and new badging above the rear number plate. Elsewhere you will spot one of the most incremental horsepower increases in living memory – just eight brake horsepower, but only for certain variants – plus an aero kit that’s actually an optional extra.

No reshaped headlights or re-profiled bumpers like most midlife refreshes, nor has a designer’s wand been waved across the dashboard and over the centre console. You almost wonder why Alpine bothered with a launch event at all. But then you drive the three A110 models that make up the revised range, realise there is so much more going on than originally meets the eye, and conclude it should have been this way from day one.

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