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Latest v Greatest: Porsche 992 GT3 RS meets 993 Carrera RS

2 weeks ago

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Steve Sutcliffe | Journalist


9 May 2024

You are looking at two of the greatest Porsche 911s of all time. The yellow one is more than a quarter of a century older than the white and black one yet in theory they share a great many qualities, not least their core DNA.

Both are powered by rear-mounted atmospheric flat-six engines that provide drive to their rear wheels, and those alone. Both emanate from the same gene pool within Porsche’s holiest of holies, its GT department based in Weissach, Germany, and as such both share the same single purpose: to provide whoever is lucky enough to climb behind their respective steering wheels the biggest thrills available this side of a full blown racing car. These are not just two of the finest Porsches, but two of the greatest driver’s cars of any kind, from any manufacturer.

Yet in the flesh, side by side in a quiet car park on a cloudy day in Wiltshire, they appear shockingly different to each other, and it’s the overt size and ostentation of the 992 GT3 RS that is hardest to comprehend, at least to begin with. In every dimension save height the new RS completely dwarfs the old one. From the rear the girth and physicality of the 992 looks vaguely comical next to the 993’s once-heroic but nowadays quite modest-looking tail end, while in profile it appears almost twice as long as its forebear – to the point where you might even believe the 992 was mid-engined.

And then there’s that the wing, so big on the 992 and such an obvious talking point it virtually defines the car. Really, it should have its own postcode. Certainly it makes the 993’s seem inconsequential, despite this particular example being fitted with the bigger optional Clubsport spoiler, even though it isn’t a Clubsport car.

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