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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


8 December 2021

I wonder if, like me, you wondered what form Ferrari’s first pure EV might take and, indeed, when we might see it. Of course we all knew it was coming, but I think few would have expected it to arrive so soon or to look remarkably like a 1957 pontoon Testa Rossa. But that is what appears to have happened.

And before you dismiss at this 75 per scale recreated Testa Rossa J as some sort of Noddy car in a posh frock, consider this: the Testa Rossa J is a Ferrari, in the same way that a Ford GT – built by Multimatic in Canada – is a Ford. Ferrari commissioned The Little Car Company to build it. You can order one through your Ferrari dealer, the official comms come on Ferrari paper and if you read them, they will tell you that ‘Ferrari has led every aspect of the project’. It has a Ferrari chassis plate.

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