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Flat-out in the Rimac Nevera

3 years ago

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Ben Oliver | Journalist


1 June 2021

You’d be forgiven for being confused by the recent rush of electric hypercars, or being unenthused by a breed of car whose crazy power and price seem unusable and unattainable and whose performance, you worry, will be delivered with all the verve and drama of turning a dimmer switch.

The Rimac Nevera definitely has the crazy power and price. Formerly the C_Two, and now named after an electrical storm that ravages the Croat coast, be assured it is entirely worthy of your attention, and not just for the way it casually annihilated the Bugatti Chiron’s production car acceleration records when I drove it in its native Croatia last week. It will also – unlike some of its more theoretical rivals – actually be built. Rimac is young but very well-capitalised; the first 50 of 150 Neveras have been sold, even at €2m plus local taxes, and production begins later this year.

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