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A possible future

3 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


21 July 2021

It was a moment I had not expected at all, and certainly not hoped for. But it happened. I was in an entirely blameless BMW 128ti – a well judged, quite rapid and civilised hatchback that gratefully occupies the space so recently vacated by the Golf GTI in its rash desire to be more like others in its class – and all I did was press a button.

There was a brief whirring from somewhere in front of me followed by a rather louder, quite coarse and not particularly pleasant nor remotely tuneful mechanical grumble. Yes, it’s engine had started. I have never in my life been more surprised by something so utterly unsurprising. ‘Welcome back to the dark ages,’ said my friend with a smile, outside whose house I was parked at the time.

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