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Kimera EVO37 review

1 year ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


22 May 2023

As easyJet flight EZY6407 descends towards Turin, the Matterhorn is framed, fleetingly, in the small window next to me. The prominent and picturesque craggy triangle caught in the round-edged peephole. It’s a perfect snapshot that somehow augurs well for the days to come.

A few hours later I’m looking at another almost-too-perfect picture. A sleek-yet-stubby shape, green over tan, is parked on gravel in front of a honey-coloured villa dripping with purple Wisteria. Cherubic statues gaze down approvingly on the yellow headlights.

The car is a Kimera EVO37, a restomod of the Lancia 037 that takes the fundamental shape and layout of the famous Group B homologation car but adds some tasteful muscle to the stradale version’s aesthetics, moving it closer to the stance of the rally car. The end result is elegant aggression. A bare-knuckle boxer in a Brioni three-piece.

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